Do You Live In the Biggest Video Gaming City In the U.S.?

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Huntington, New Yorkers spend more than four times the average amount of video games, according to a recent study by credit card spending tracker Bundle.


The study looked at spending at GameStop, EB Games and Steam from July 2010 to June 2011 for the top 100 cities in the U.S. by population. Bundle based their study on aggregated, anonymized spending data from 20 million Visa and Mastercard customers. So that means that the results are impacted heavily by the sorts of people who have a credit card and use it for purchases regularly. But it's still an interesting study.

Here's the full list of the top 50 cities that spend the most on video games, check out Bundle for some other interesting facts about gamers.


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1. Huntington, New York
2. North Hempstead, New York
3. Laredo, Texas
4. Chesapeake, Virginia
5. Modesto, California
6. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
7. El Paso, Texas
8. Cincinnati, Ohio
9. Buffalo, New York
10. Virginia Beach, Virginia
11. Rochester, New York
12. Birmingham, Alabama
13. Miami, Florida
14. Honolulu, Hawaii
15. Toledo, Ohio
16. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
17. Corpus Christi, Texas
18. Plano, Texas
19. Fresno, California
20. St. Louis, Missouri
21. San Antonio, Texas
22. Wichita, Kansas
23. Montgomery, Alabama
24. Tulsa, Oklahoma
25. Hialeah, Florida
26. Riverside, California
27. Lubbock, Texas
28. San Bernardino, California
29. Fort Worth, Texas
30. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
31. Fort Wayne, Indiana
32. Bakersfield, California
33. Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
34. Chula Vista, California
35. Albuquerque, New Mexico
36. Akron, Ohio
37. Jacksonville, Florida
38. Greensboro, North Carolina
39. Tucson, Arizona
40. Raleigh, North Carolina
41. Stockton, California
42. Arlington, Texas
43. Durham, North Carolina
44. Long Beach, California
45. Chandler, Arizona
46. Lincoln, Nebraska
47. Anchorage, Alaska
48. New York, New York
49. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
50. Aurora, Colorado

Game-obsessed: U.S. cities that spend the most on video games

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I was at first flabbergasted that such a small border city like Laredo TX would be the number 3 city in the country but then I stopped and thought about it and it all made a whole LOT of sense.

I live in Monterrey, Mexico. And like many of gamers who grew on Mexico we buy much of our stuff in the US and Laredo TX is a 2 hour drive from my city. Ever since I was a kid I used to buy all my videogames in Laredo. And just like me many other gamers have done the same thing either from McAllen, El Paso or Laredo (im more amazed that McAllen isnt on the list). Laredo is also a city of choice for many living in Mexico City as well but its a longer drive for them though (about 10-12 hours) but they still go there on spring breaks and summer vacations.

Fact of the matter is I bought my very first videogame in Mexico in a non flea market store up until recently.... when the prices over here were finally more competitive and not as outrageous as back when I was a kid.

Toys R' Us and Best Buy from Laredo TX have received thousands of dollars from me and my family in videogames over the course of my entire life.

That small border city well deserves that spot there.