Marketing Survey Hints at a Rayman Origins Sequel of Mythic Proportions

Ubisoft's critically acclaimed platformer Rayman Origins is going to get a sequel; it's pretty much inevitable. What form that sequel will take might be hinted at in these screens taken from a marketing survey by one of our readers, hinting at a world filled with dragons, ghosts and Greek gods.

Rayman Origins received rave reviews, and Ubisoft has been on record as saying the game turned a profit for the company. The trick now is to take that amazing gameplay and package it in a way that appeals to the consumer. Ghosts, dragons and mythology might do the trick.


These images, sent to us by an anonymous tipster who stumbled upon them in a survey from marketing firm Arkenford (Ubisoft is one of its regular clients), point towards a Rayman Origins sequel that retains the same four-player drop-in/drop-out gameplay of the original, while trading the first game's outlandish world for something a bit more familiar. Seems like a sound strategy to me.

Of course these images could all add up to nothing. For one, Arkenford is a marketing survey site, and what you see there isn't necessarily what you get. And then there's always the chance that an overzealous fan was just getting ahead of themselves.

We've contacted Ubisoft regarding these images, and will update the post should we receive a response.


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