The Better Name for 'Girlfriend Mode' Is Probably 'Co-Star Mode'

One of this morning's Internet dramas involved Randy Pitchford, head of Borderlands development studio Gearbox Software, complaining about the website MCV's condemnation of a reference to a "girlfriend mode" for Borderlands 2. The "girlfriend mode" is not an official mode in the game, nor does it appear to be an… »8/13/12 1:30pm8/13/12 1:30pm

Science Says Don't Play Super Mario Galaxy Before Trying to Shoot Someone in the Face

The zombie is five steps away, you're cornered, and you've got one last bullet in the chamber. If you were just playing Super Mario Galaxy you might as well turn the gun on yourself. A recent highly scientific study found that when it comes to putting a bullet in a humanoid target's brain, Super Mario Galaxy doesn't… »5/01/12 9:30am5/01/12 9:30am