Live-Action Mario Galaxy Might Make You A Little Queasy

When the folks at Corridor Digital realized they could warp footage from their new Gear 360 camera into tiny planets, a live-action Mario Galaxy video was the next logical step. Hold on to your stomachs, folks.

The two immediate effects of the live-action Mario Galaxy video are mild stomach upset from all the spinning and an immediate desire for more actual Super Mario Galaxy games. Considering it was a miracle we got a direct sequel in the first place, chances are slim, but who knows what the NX will bring?

To fully appreciate the work put into creating this, go watch the making of video on YouTube, in which video creator Wren questions his life choices.

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I didn’t even watch the making of and I can tell this is maddeningly difficult to pull off. Beautiful, but maddening.

Also, this video just placed a horrible theory in my head:

What if Peach is in cahoots with Bowser and ‘gets kidnapped’ just to get the Mario Bros. to collect Power Stars for them?? Clearly coins aren’t the actual currency in their world as it’s literally all over the place (and apparently collecting 100 of them cause them to disappear/turn into a 1-up mushroom). So are Power Stars a valuable natural resource that they grift Mario into collecting for them??