Super Mario 3DS Might Be Out This Year?

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When the Nintendo 3DS was first unveiled, we were shown a bunch of trailers from games that barely even existed yet. And even then, saw nothing of a new Mario game. So it'd be sweet if it actually came out this year.

But it just might, if comments by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto can be taken to the bank. He told French site Gameblog "I promise to do all I can to deliver the new Mario game this year."

Promises aren't guarantees, but they're better than silence, and that's almost all we've had on a Mario 3DS game so far.


EXCLU : Le nouveau Mario 3DS cette année ! [Gameblog, via Eurogamer]

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Personally I think this is a terrible idea for Nintendo.

For one, it would mean they would probably rush the game. And for another, that Miyamoto isn't focusing on Zelda which -needs- to get done (none of those Twilight Princess crap again where they push an unfinished game to the next console to make some extra bucks).

But most of all, they will be shooting their load all in one go, and then what will we be looking forward to in 2012? Another Nintendo drought?

If we get Star Fox, Mario, Zelda, Kid Icarus, and I keep hearing we may be getting Kart and/or Paper Mario this year too, then that's a bunch of big guns all at once, and personally, I think Nintendo and 3rd parties are covered for 2011 in regards to the 3DS.

All I can think of for 2012 at that point would be Animal Crossing, as far as announced games. And this would almost definitely take all of those franchises out of the picture.

Granted, E3 is coming, so maybe they have some crazy things down their sleeves (and maybe Paper Mario/Kart are next year titles), but unless they are delving into more old games (like Ice Climber) or revisiting everyone from this year again, then 2012's best candidates are Donkey Kong, Metroid, Pikmin and then Pokemon spin-offs (not new main titles). The only reason I don't say Kirby is because it would be the 4th Kirby game in a very short time span (2 Wii games and a new DS one on the way).

I guess we'll see, come E3.