Darth Revan Gets His Own Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion

The hero/villain/it's complicated who launched Star Wars' distant past setting in 2003's Knights of the Old Republic gets another shot at the spotlight in Shadow of Revan, a digital expansion for MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, launching in December. » 10/06/14 1:00pm 10/06/14 1:00pm

Galactic Strongholds Adds Player Housing To The Old Republic In June

Teased earlier this month, Galactic Strongholds is the next major free expansion pack for Star Wars: The Old Republic, allowing players of the MMORPG to set up swanky digs across the galaxy. » 3/19/14 1:24pm 3/19/14 1:24pm

Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Are Finally Getting What They Want

It appears that player housing is coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic, or so this teaser video for SWTOR's SSHP seems to promise. » 3/08/14 5:00pm 3/08/14 5:00pm

The Old Republic's New Space Battles Have So Many Lasers, Y'all

Are we killing each other in space yet? Not yet. Star Wars: The Old Republic's skies don't fill with fire until the subscriber early start of the Galactic Starfighter expansion on December 3, but you can see them now via this handy video dealio. So many lasers. » 11/14/13 5:04pm 11/14/13 5:04pm

The Greatest Sith Warrior In The Old Republic Is Even Scarier Up Close

Star Wars: The Old Republic couldn't have Darth Vader, so it got Darth Malgus. Now that I've got him standing 20 inches high on my desk in the form of Sideshow Collectibles' Darth Malgus Premium Format Figure, he might be my favorite Sith Lord ever. » 10/08/13 11:00pm 10/08/13 11:00pm

Somebody, Call Wedge! Star Wars MMO Finally Adds PvP Space Battles

Sure, running around with a lightsaber or blaster pistol is a cool and integral part of the Star Wars experience. But, for the longest time, Star Wars: The Old Republic has been lacking one of the best things from the mythology: big honking space battles. » 10/08/13 4:10pm 10/08/13 4:10pm

BioWare Is Sorry They Accidentally Banned All Those SWTOR Players

In the war between MMO developers and shady players looking to exploit the system, the innocent often get caught in the crossfire. Such was the case yesterday, when somewhere under 150 honest, hard-playing Star Wars: The Old Republic players had their accounts banned from play. BioWare is sorry, you guys. » 5/23/13 8:45pm 5/23/13 8:45pm

EA Admits Games Can Do Better For The LGBT Community

Yesterday in New York City, Electronic Arts held a special event focused on queer issues in gaming. And it happened mostly because the company itself was willing to face its own stumbles in presenting gay characters in its video games. » 3/08/13 5:30pm 3/08/13 5:30pm

BioWare: Putting Same-Sex Romance Into The Old Republic 'Will Take A…

In September, 2011, the folks behind online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic promised to add same-sex romance after the game had launched. » 1/02/13 9:30pm 1/02/13 9:30pm

The Terrible Splendor Of Star Wars: The Old Republic's Support-Line…

The Star Wars orchestra is telling me I'm about about to go on an epic adventure. But I'm not. I'm at my desk, on hold. » 12/18/12 2:00pm 12/18/12 2:00pm

Here's What Is (and Isn't) Included In Free-to-Play Star Wars: The Old…

We've known since July that Star Wars: The Old Republic would be going free to play this fall. Now, developer BioWare has published a detailed list showing just what the free tier of the game includes. » 10/17/12 6:30pm 10/17/12 6:30pm

Pile Of Industry Awards For Star Wars: The Old Republic a Sad Reminder…

The Game Developers Choice Online awards exist to give folks in the gaming industry a chance to highlight and celebrate the work of their peers in online games. This year's award ceremony took place last night in Austin. The full list of winners includes nods to Diablo III for best audio and League of Legends for… » 10/11/12 9:30pm 10/11/12 9:30pm

A Simple Change To a Star Wars Video Game Helped Me Fight Depression

I am a very flawed individual. I am physically flawed, sure, but mostly when I say I am flawed I am referring to my mental state. In the past 17 months, I have had frequent visits with both a psychiatrist and a therapist, and we have been taking aim at those flaws. We have made great strides, but there are things… » 10/10/12 12:30pm 10/10/12 12:30pm

Bethesda Snags The Former Executive Producer of Star Wars: The Old…

Rich Vogel, a longtime game designer who most recently served as executive producer on BioWare's online RPG The Old Republic, is joining Bethesda, the publisher behind games like Skyrim and the upcoming Dishonored. » 10/03/12 4:01pm 10/03/12 4:01pm