The Noisiest, Dirtiest Bars and Taverns in Video Games

Bars, clubs and noisy taverns are always crucial locations in a story-driven game. They are save points, places where we can sell useless stuff from our inventory, gather information, meet a key character, or just simply get into trouble. » 3/08/13 4:00pm 3/08/13 4:00pm

Remember Star Wars Galaxies With This Poignant Memory Book

A week ago Star Wars Galaxies closed down for good. Today, the MMO published its official "memory book," a whale of a tome at more than 200 megabytes in PDF form, recalling all of the worlds, races and principal events of the MMO's eight-year run. » 12/22/11 11:30pm 12/22/11 11:30pm

See How Star Wars: Galaxies Danced Out In Terror And Was Suddenly…

Not with a bang, but several bangs. Then a whimper. And a succession of people just standing around, awkwardly, wondering what they'd done with the last eight years of their lives. » 12/21/11 7:30am 12/21/11 7:30am

Goodbye, Star Wars Galaxies

Tonight is the end of Star Wars Galaxies, once a crown jewel of Sony Online Entertainment's MMO portfolio. There is now less than an hour before the total shutdown of the eight-year-old MMO. » 12/15/11 11:30pm 12/15/11 11:30pm

Calader's Art Takes Star Wars to the Brink

Based in the UK, Georgi "Calader" Simeonov works at Splash Damage, meaning he had a hand in the lovely "nothing but blue skies" art design of multiplayer shooter Brink. » 10/13/11 7:00am 10/13/11 7:00am

Here is How Star Wars: Galaxies Will Be Won

With the dawning of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Wars: Galaxies, aka "that other old MMO," is headed for extinction. The game is going to wind up with a gigantic PvP throwdown for dominance settling once and for all (sorta) who runs the galaxy, Empire or Rebels. Here's how it will be scored. » 10/06/11 9:30pm 10/06/11 9:30pm

Finally, a Star Wars Game Where Everybody Dies

In the Star Wars universe, nobody ever really wins anything. When good "wins" evil remains, and when evil remains, good goes into hiding to repeat the cycle. That won't be the case when MMO Star Wars Galaxies ends, though. When it ends, it'll end. » 8/31/11 6:30am 8/31/11 6:30am

Free-to-Play? Star Wars: Galaxies Cannot Make "a Change of this…

When Sony Online Entertainment said it would shut down Star Wars: Galaxies by the end of the year, many teeth were gnashed and many garments were rent. A lot of people, thinking SOE failed to consider this, postulated about taking the game to a free-to-play model, and voila, the orphanage is saved! If only they wanted… » 7/16/11 4:00pm 7/16/11 4:00pm

Some Star Wars Galaxies Players Aren't Taking the End of their Galaxy…

Star Wars Galaxies, a game that's probably more notable for how disappointing it was rather than its moderate success, is closing down later this year. For most, it elicits a shrug, but for some fans, it's grounds for a lawsuit. » 6/30/11 1:00am 6/30/11 1:00am

Star Wars Galaxies Designer Eulogizes the Dying MMO

The original MMO set in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars Galaxies, is ending its online existence this December, making way for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Contracts expire and so too must the occasional online community. » 6/24/11 9:00pm 6/24/11 9:00pm

Star Wars Galaxies Is Dead, Long Live The Old Republic

Star Wars Galaxies, the original massively-multiplayer online role-playing game based on George Lucas' universe, will go offline later this year after more than eight years of service, Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts announced today. » 6/24/11 4:20pm 6/24/11 4:20pm

Sony Online Entertainment Finalizes Its Post-Crash Prize Patrol Plans

As the custodians of games that are completely unplayable during Sony's massive network outage, Sony Online Entertainment has an especially tough job winning back MMO players who have sat idle for 22 days and counting. SOE has now posted its full list of goodies for subscribers to nine MMOs; free subscription time,… » 5/13/11 7:30pm 5/13/11 7:30pm

Star Wars Galaxies Fans Generate 3 Million Works Of Fan Fiction

In just over a month since the release of Star Wars Galaxies Chronicle Master mission creation tool, fans have created more than three million pieces of interactive Star Wars fiction. » 11/20/09 3:20pm 11/20/09 3:20pm

Six Years Too Late, Star Wars Galaxies Gets Interesting

It's safe to say that Star Wars Galaxies has been a disappointment. It's boring. If only they'd introduced zombie stormtrooper hordes a little sooner! » 9/14/09 3:30am 9/14/09 3:30am

Latest SWG Update Adds Epic Hoth Battles

Star Wars Galaxies players are are getting some hot snowspeeder versus AT-ST combat with Chapter 11: The Battle of Echo Base. Live today, the update adds what is essentially a giant battleground, with players on both sides of the Galactic Civil War taking on quests to help their side triumph, with the Empire on… » 11/20/08 3:00pm 11/20/08 3:00pm

Star Wars Galaxies Designer Jeff Freeman Dies

Jeff Freeman, whose work includes stints at Spacetime Studios and Sony Online Entertainment on Star Wars Galaxies » 9/30/08 8:30pm 9/30/08 8:30pm as lead gameplay designer, has died at the age of 39, an apparent suicide, reports The Escapist. Freeman was the target of the community's ire following the launch of the "new game experience" that took…

SOE Launches SWG Online Trading Card Game

Today signals the launch of the first installment of Sony Online Entertainment's brand new online Star Wars trading card game, Champions of the Force. The game depicts the epic battle between the forces of good and evil using a set of over 250 virtually collectible cards. Play alone in solo-play mode or challenge… » 8/27/08 8:20pm 8/27/08 8:20pm

Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game Announced

Never one to give up on a dead horse, Sony Online Entertainment today announced that they are launching an online trading card game version of Star Wars Galaxies. » 7/02/08 3:00pm 7/02/08 3:00pm