Six Years Too Late, Star Wars Galaxies Gets Interesting

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It's safe to say that Star Wars Galaxies has been a disappointment. It's boring. If only they'd introduced zombie stormtrooper hordes a little sooner!


For a tie-in with Joe Schreiber's upcoming book of the same name - which is about zombies in the Star War universe - Star Wars Galaxies will in October drop an update called Death Troopers, which sounds like an excuse to drop you and your friends in a room and have them kill a bunch of "horrific new enemies with a frightening affliction".

So, yeah, zombies.

Still won't make Galaxies fun, but it'll at least make it good for a laugh.

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So they release the game it was fun Jedi were few and far between but the ones that did exist were gods among men.

Then they change it so everyone and there mum can be a Jedi at there free will but Jedi become punching bags.

Now they are adding zombies? So it's true no matter what the game no matter how much it just shouldn't happen there will be a zombie mod or in some cases the devs will actually add the zombies officially.