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Star Wars Galaxies Fans Generate 3 Million Works Of Fan Fiction

Illustration for article titled Star Wars Galaxies Fans Generate 3 Million Works Of Fan Fiction

In just over a month since the release of Star Wars Galaxies Chronicle Master mission creation tool, fans have created more than three million pieces of interactive Star Wars fiction.


The Chronicle Master system works much like City of Heroes Mission Architect, allowing players to use in-game tools to create their own missions and share them with the community. Since Sony Online Entertainment implemented the feature last month, players have been sharing the hell out of some missions. SOE cites one player who has already created more than 6,000 playable quests, all by himself. That's relatively insane.

It's even more insane when you take into account estimated subscription numbers for the game. MMO Data has Star Wars Galaxies' subscriber list estimated at around 50,000 players. Even if they were off by half and it was 100k, that's still 30 user-created quests per player. I suppose it helps that completing player-made quests earns you special in-game loot, but still, that's a pretty impressive ratio.


It just goes to show that players who've stuck with Star Wars Galaxies this long are really, really into Star Wars.

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Gantz: Your Trusted Friend in Science.

I'm willing to bet FF7 or even Naruto surpass that in terrifying numbers.