Why Do The Spike VGAs Even Bother With "Awards" Part?

The Spike Video Game Awards were a great piece of entertainment, weren't they? We got a Mass Effect 3 trailer, an Elder Scrolls V reveal, an amazing Batman trailer and awards for…hrm... » 12/13/10 3:30am 12/13/10 3:30am

All The News, All The Trailers From The Spike VGAs

What happened at today's Spike TV Video Game Awards? New game announcements, first look trailers (some with actual gameplay), release dates, and Neil Patrick Harris. Catch up on the most important news and videos right here if you missed anything. » 12/11/10 11:00pm 12/11/10 11:00pm

New Gears Of War Gameplay Spiked From Tonight's VGAs

Microsoft's expected but unexpected reveal of new Gears of War gameplay at tonight's Spike TV Video Game Awards has been delayed. Major Nelson promises the eventual reveal will "definitely be worth the wait." » 12/11/10 1:20pm 12/11/10 1:20pm

Activision Teases 'Murder Your Maker' For Spike TV VGAs [Update]

December's Spike TV Video Game Awards gets a little more murderous with the help of Activision. The Call of Duty and Guitar Hero publisher has launched a teaser site for Murder Your Maker, a... well, we don't know what it is yet. » 11/26/10 12:00am 11/26/10 12:00am

Sony Has 'Exclusive PlayStation 3 Reveal' The Day After Spike VGAs

The day after Spike TV's Video Game Awards hit us with a deluge of new trailers, game reveals and celebrity guest appearances, Sony will hold an "exclusive PlayStation 3 reveal" event in Hollywood. What could it be? Uncharted 3? » 11/21/10 10:00pm 11/21/10 10:00pm

And the Nominees for Games of the Year Are...

Spike TV's Video Game Awards show seems to improve a bit every year. This year's show kicks off on Dec. 11 with a very strong line-up of contenders for a myriad of awards. » 11/17/10 11:20am 11/17/10 11:20am

Mountain Dew Slamming Winner's Inboxes With Free Indie Games

Welcome to Check Your E-mail with Kotaku. In today's episode, we recommend that you check your e-mail if you signed up for the "Dew The Download" contest that Spike TV ran this week. » 12/16/08 9:30pm 12/16/08 9:30pm

Jaffe: Continue To Wait For God Of War III's Visual Awesomeness

Remember when God of War producer David Jaffe gushed orgasmically about the footage he'd seen from the PlayStation 3 entry in the series, writing that it was "like a painting come to life"? » 12/15/08 10:40pm 12/15/08 10:40pm

Kotaku Invades GameTrailers TV Tonight

If you plan on being up at the wee hours of the early morning and feel like seeing some pre-Spike TV VGAs rambling, tune in to GameTrailers TV tonight. I'll be running at the mouth about this year's biggest games with a few of my peers from Giant Bomb, Destructoid, Penthouse and elsewhere. Just watch how good… » 12/12/08 10:30pm 12/12/08 10:30pm