Activision Teases 'Murder Your Maker' For Spike TV VGAs [Update]

December's Spike TV Video Game Awards gets a little more murderous with the help of Activision. The Call of Duty and Guitar Hero publisher has launched a teaser site for Murder Your Maker, a... well, we don't know what it is yet.

But the Murder Your Maker teaser site sure smacks of a serial killer mystery, something we're not aware of on Activision's publishing slate right now. Last year, Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification rated an Activision Blizzard title by the name of Bloodhunt, a title with a "strong violence" warning that has not yet been announced by the publisher.


Update: Looks like the Bloodhunt classification may be related to a hunting game in the Cabela's series, unlikely to be connected to the Murder Your Maker title.

At last year's Spike TV VGAs, Activision debuted the newest entry in its True Crime series from United Front Games. This year's show is rumored to have appearances from new games in the Uncharted, Resident Evil and Mass Effect series.


Your guesses and informed theories about what Murder Your Maker/Bloodhunt might be are welcome in the comments. Or at the e-mail address listed below...

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