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A Gears of War That's 'Not What You're Expecting' Teased

Illustration for article titled A Gears of War Thats Not What Youre Expecting Teased

Gears of War fans will want to tune into next month's Spike TV Video Game Awards, when something new, something Gears of War related will be shown for the first time.


Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski says the VGAs will be "showing off some new Gears of War gameplay," while also guaranteeing the following: "It's awesome. You're gonna love it. It's not what you're expecting."

Gears of War creators Epic Games are rumored to be creating an unspecified product in the Xbox 360 series that features some level of Kinect control. But since we're already expecting that, according to Cliff's rules, it must be something else. Plus, Cliff is sitting down during the Gears teaser, all but ruling out Kinect controls—but not ruling out Locust Tickers as playable pets in Kinectimals.


Bleszinski has flatly denied that Kinect controls would be included in next year's Gears of War 3.

When will we know for sure? When the Spike TV VGAs airs next month, December 11.

Gears of War Teaser [GameTrailers]

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I felt the need to share this observation: For every poster that insists on using the term, "dudebro," in a pejorative fashion to describe the average Gears of War fan, please consider the following:

—Assuming that all Gears of War/HALO/RTS-of-the-moment fans are knuckle-dragging evolutionary dead ends is the same thing as assuming that:

—All JRPG fans are necessarily lonely, socially awkward individuals who probably have lank, greasy hair and have never spoken to a girl outside of a dating simulator. (Or that all JRPG fans are even male to begin with.)

—All racing fans must also have a penchant for NASCAR, which naturally means that they're also sporting a mullet and likely have seventeen kids.

—MMORPG fans are overweight, sweaty neckbearded 40 year olds living in their mother's basement, and they smell faintly of Cheeto dust and despair.

See how stupid that sounds? Yeah, it sounds just as shortsighted, narrow-minded, arrogant and ignorant when you do it to the Gears crowd, so knock it off.