Sony Has 'Exclusive PlayStation 3 Reveal' The Day After Spike VGAs

Illustration for article titled Sony Has 'Exclusive PlayStation 3 Reveal' The Day After Spike VGAs

The day after Spike TV's Video Game Awards hit us with a deluge of new trailers, game reveals and celebrity guest appearances, Sony will hold an "exclusive PlayStation 3 reveal" event in Hollywood. What could it be? Uncharted 3?


While the invite makes no mention of the game (or games) that Sony will have present at its event, the next Naughty Dog game seems like a distinct possibility. That's because we've heard from a source that Uncharted 3 will have its video debut at the VGAs on December 11, so an extended reveal for one of Sony's biggest franchise titles the next day seems plausible.

And since we've heard that select press has already seen Uncharted 3, an opportunity for the rest of us to go eyes on with what Naughty Dog has cooking would certainly be appreciated.

Of course, Sony may have something else on hand entirely or multiple new games to show off in Hollywood on December 12, but given Uncharted 2: Among Thieves' memorable showing at 2008's VGAs, it would seem a successful formula one wouldn't want to muck with.

Until we hear more, call it rumor for now, but stay tuned, because we're sure to know more very soon.




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