Mountain Dew Slamming Winner's Inboxes With Free Indie Games

Illustration for article titled Mountain Dew Slamming Winners Inboxes With Free Indie Games

Welcome to Check Your E-mail with Kotaku. In today's episode, we recommend that you check your e-mail if you signed up for the "Dew The Download" contest that Spike TV ran this week.

Some 7,000 of you stand to get a free copy of Braid, World of Goo, Audiosurf or PixelJunk Eden, courtesy of the fine folks at Mountain Dew. Dozens of lucky Kotaku readers have already gotten their codes, so make sure your Spam folder didn't try to steal yours.


Yes, even if you didn't opt in to a barrage of marketing blasts, you can still walk away with a free downloadablge game. See if a winner is you and, if so, enjoy. These are some of the best games of the year.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us off. And congrats.

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I got PixelJunk Eden : D