7 Strangest Bathroom Scenes in Gaming

Strange stuff happens in bathrooms, both in real life and in games. Bowels are a reminder that we are organic machines that need fuel, processing, and excretion. While games are full of strange foods, there aren't as many bathrooms and I've always wondered why so few RPGs have bathrooms when they're trying to… » 7/17/14 10:00am 7/17/14 10:00am

I Might Not Have What it Takes to Be a Disney City Girl

Maybe moving to the big city to be a Disney City Girl wasn't such a good idea. My apartment is a hovel compared to the palace Jenna has, and even that's stretching my budget to the limit. My boss will give me extra money for washing dishes if I dress in active wear, but he doesn't pay me enough to buy new clothes. My… » 1/17/13 3:05pm 1/17/13 3:05pm

EA Hit with Two New Anti-DRM Class Action Suits

Two people filed suit in federal court against Electronic Arts back in October, alleging the SecuROM digital rights management installed on their machines by a trial version of Spore Creature Creator, and a full version of the Sims, constitutes unlawful and deceptive business practices. These two suits, reported today… » 11/08/08 5:00pm 11/08/08 5:00pm