SEGA Says Wii Opportunity For Hardcore (Calls Shovelware "Crap")

Lots of people own Wiis. I own a Wii and maybe you do, too. And because so many people own Wiis, that means we get lots of Wii games. And let's face it, most of those games aren't very good. SEGA America honcho Simon Jeffrey puts it best: "Crap." But that doesn't mean the Wii is a lost hope! Not at all. Echoing what… » 8/15/08 12:00am 8/15/08 12:00am

Yu Suzuki Still Gainfully Employed At Sega

Sega president Simon Jeffery appeared to have misspoke » 8/12/08 4:40pm 8/12/08 4:40pm on the employment fate of famed game designer Yu Suzuki when he told Gamasutra that the creator was no longer employed at the company. Turns out, he is! Hooray! Said to be bearing the title Creative Officer of Sega Corp., Suzuki may be (extremely) low profile and…

SEGA's President Casually Mentions Resident Evil 5's Wii Release

When we talked to SEGA of America president Simon Jeffery at E3 last week, he showered us with knowledge and know-how. He also threw in a quick mention of a game we hadn't heard anything about — officially, that is — Resident Evil 5 for the Wii. To say that we were surprised to hear it mentioned would be an… » 7/22/08 10:40pm 7/22/08 10:40pm

Sega: No Plans For Shenmue III, Seaman 2

Talking with Sega of America president Simon Jeffery today, we asked the inevitable question — Is Sega ever going to release Shenmue III? The Yu Suzuki helmed adventure that saw two releases on the Dreamcast and Xbox has yet to see its epically planned story fully resolved. Unfortunately, the fate of Ryo Hazuki and… » 7/16/08 2:40pm 7/16/08 2:40pm