Another Mario Sonic Collaboration in the Works?

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Speaking with SEGA of America president Simon Jeffery earlier this week, he was pretty excited about how well Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games has been selling.


Worldwide SEGA has sold about 10 million copies and, as Jeffery pointed out, the upcoming Olympics will likely provide a boost to sales of the game when they kick off.

Will there be another Mario and Sonic collaboration? Jeffery was being coy about the details, but he's certainly all for it.


"We would be delighted to do another game with Mario and Sonic," he said.

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@LittleBigPlaneteer: Lol I would totally buy that.

I kind of wonder why they chose to release Mario and Sonic @ the Olympics so many months before the actual event. It seems like advertising money would've been best spent during the broadcast of the actual event. Perhaps they are planning on aggressively advertising once the olympics begin.