SEGA Says Wii Opportunity For Hardcore (Calls Shovelware "Crap")

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Lots of people own Wiis. I own a Wii and maybe you do, too. And because so many people own Wiis, that means we get lots of Wii games. And let's face it, most of those games aren't very good. SEGA America honcho Simon Jeffrey puts it best: "Crap." But that doesn't mean the Wii is a lost hope! Not at all. Echoing what Jeffery told us at E3, the exec says:The Wii is a very cost effective platform to experiment with. There is a lot of crap coming out for the Wii in general. But if it's not a good game, it doesn't sell. That flood of crap will die down as publishers become more coherent. The Wii is a great opportunity for hitting hardcore gamers. No one is doing that. With Mad World from Platinum Games, we are trying to show that millions of Wii games want to move on to mature games. They don't have to have an Xbox 360 to do that... It's [the Wii is a fad] very much disproven. People do play with the Wii like crazy for a while. It gathers cobwebs. Then they bring it out again. But kids are such a big part of the gaming community now and they're demanding Wiis from their parents. Those kids will shape the future of gaming and they're not a fad. Microsoft and Sony have to think about how to make their experiences more gaming in that way.If more publishers thought like SEGA, you know, we'd probably have better Wii games. Q&A: an interview with Sega's Simon Jeffery on monkeying around with iPhone games and the Wii [Venture Beat via VG247]



That's absolutely not true, about if a game doesn't sell the publishers quit making it. Look at Data Design. They've never published a good game but they've been at it for like a decade or more and they've already got at least a half-dozen games on the Wii with no sign of stopping. It has nothing to do with companies realizing the stuff sucks, it has to do with consumers realizing it sucks.

With the Wii's target audience being people who can't tell the difference between suck and awesome, but instead people that can spot only the difference between "game with a cognitive narrative" and "game with cute mini-games," the suck titles will not stop coming. The people who buy Wii games en masse are the people who will never be able to discern between quality games and shovelware and that is why it is so profitable. That is why it is shovelware.

Trust me, I worked in an electronics section and a game retailer, and in both places, the amount of Wii shoppers looking for a good game were few and far between. The demand for Carnival Games and Mario & Sonic @ the Olympic Games outweighed the demand for games like Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 exponentially. And because most publishers (including Nintendo now...see: E3 08) are all gravitating toward this approach, I am selling my Wii and feel as I imagine a cancer survivor might once his hair starts regrowing as a sign that things have returned to normal for him.