Here's What Some Developers Think Of the PlayStation 4

Those who have had a chance to play around with Sony's latest console, the PS4, have been sharing their experiences and what they think about Sony's latest big black box with those of us who have not. But what about the developers? Those who are involved in making the software for us to enjoy — What do they think? » 9/05/13 8:00am 9/05/13 8:00am

Welcome to the Game Club: Shadows of the Damned a.k.a. the Five-Week…

Howdy everyone! Welcome to the next installment of the Kotaku Game Club! Starting this week, through the month of July, we're going to play Shadows of the Damned, the third-person shooter from Resident Evil mastermind Shinji Mikami, and the crazy man behind No More Heroes, Suda 51. As with previous game club… » 6/20/11 2:30pm 6/20/11 2:30pm

The Creator of Resident Evil Gets His Own Truly Bizarre Action Figure

Shinji Mikami, the video game creator behind games like Resident Evil, God Hand and Vanquish, is finally getting his own action figure, now available for pre-order at the web site of Tango Gameworks, the developer's new studio. Featuring "real shaving action," 256 points of articulation and alternate zombie heads, it may … » 3/31/11 3:40pm 3/31/11 3:40pm

Shadows of the Damned Is A Kick To The Nuts Of Convention

It may be hard to take Shadows of the Damned's journey into the depths of Hell too seriously, when you have a disembodied ex-demon skull named Johnson—who can transform into a weapon dubbed the Boner—as your sidekick. When demonic pubic hair and eyeball-eating baby heads serve as key obstacles in this horror game,… » 3/08/11 5:00pm 3/08/11 5:00pm