The Coolest Video Games Set in Feudal Japan

It is always nice to see a video game set in the feudal, pre-industrial era of Japan. The Japanese countryside in general has a special, comforting atmosphere, and combining it with badass samurai warriors and political drama always has spectacular results. We have selected games for today's Show Us gallery that both… » 3/13/13 7:50am 3/13/13 7:50am

Fashion Model in Trouble After Claiming Samurai Heritage

You ever see Kagemusha? It's that terrific 1980 samurai flick Akira Kurosawa made. The movie centers around Shingen Takeda, an iconic feudal lord in Japanese history, and according to fashion model Anri Takeda, a relative. » 2/27/13 7:00am 2/27/13 7:00am

The New Dynasty Warriors... It's Fun For Guys And Girls Alike

Jump Festa is a yearly event hosted by Shueisha, the publishers of the Jump » 12/22/12 7:00am 12/22/12 7:00am line of comics, where -related paraphernalia and games are put on display as well as stage events and announcements. It's also a good event for companies that have -related things out to display some of their own non--related things.

This Isn't Cosplay. It's Theater!

Those battling Ikki Tousen girls are bringing their torn clothes and short skirts to the Tokyo stage. The manga turned video game and anime series is getting a theatrical adaptation. » 11/17/12 3:00am 11/17/12 3:00am

This Olympic Medal Winner Has a Dream. She Wants to Voice Video Games.

Twenty-one year-old Satomi Suzuki won two medals at the London Olympics: a silver for the 200m breaststroke and a bronze for the 100m breaststroke (she also scored a team bronze medal for the relay). Winning three medals is the stuff of dreams. But Suzuki, has another dream entirely. She wants to voice video game and… » 8/06/12 6:30am 8/06/12 6:30am

Sometimes, Video Game Outfits Just Look Goofy

Popular Capcom video game Sengoku Basara is being turned into a Japanese TV drama called Sengoku Basara Moonlight Party. The show stars Gackt and hunky dudes like Kento Hayashi, Hide Tokuyama, and Kouhei Takeda—all wearing silly costumes. » 7/04/12 10:30am 7/04/12 10:30am

Hands-on With Sengoku BASARA HD

Back in 2005 to combat the success of Koei's Dynasty Warriors » 7/03/12 8:00am 7/03/12 8:00am series, Capcom released on the PlayStation 2. Where had always been focused on Chinese history, set out to do the same thing but with Japanese history. However, Koei had already done the same thing by releasing the year before. So Capcom made the…

Capcom Making Two New Sengoku Basara Games. Both Are...Eh...

Hey, you like Sengoku Basara? You know, those samurai games Capcom makes that are wildly popular in Japan and aren't exactly historically accurate? Well, good news. And bad news. » 4/25/12 7:15am 4/25/12 7:15am

Legs Spread, Are You Ready for this Sengoku Basara Mousepad? Are You?

Since around 2005 or 2006, "boob" mousepads » 2/22/12 5:00am 2/22/12 5:00am have enjoyed a degree of popularity with male gamers. But not all gamers are dudes, and not all dudes like boobs. Hence, this.

Let's Rock This Pretty Boy Game into Infinity

Sengoku Basara features prettied-up versions of some tough as nails dead dudes. The game is set against Japan's Warring States period during which Japanese people were beating the shit out of each other. But the game's aren't nearly as horrific (or smelly) as the history. So bring on the rock'n'roll soundtrack. » 8/01/11 2:00am 8/01/11 2:00am

What is Japan's Fetish This Week? S&M

Games of leather and rubber. Not video games, but real games with impossible heels and spankings. Those might be the trappings of S&M, but in Japan, S&M isn't only about trappings or artifice. It's something deeper. » 7/28/11 3:00pm 7/28/11 3:00pm

Masked Avengers Doing Good In Japan

A forty-year-old manga starring a mask-wearing wrestler is inspiring Japan to do good. Only, they are dishing out presents instead of punches. Rwar. » 1/13/11 2:00am 1/13/11 2:00am

Bloody Bar Punch Up Isn't Kabuki Theater

One does not become a kabuki actor, it's a male-only birthright. There are kabuki dynasties, and only the oldest son can star in kabuki theater. One of Japan's most popular kabuki actors just got his face smashed in. » 11/30/10 2:00am 11/30/10 2:00am

Capcom's Samurai Franchise Headed To Big Screen

Sengoku Basara is a huge smash in Japan. It has spawned a stage play, a televised anime, a manga and even a licensed theme park attraction. That's not all. » 9/27/10 3:00am 9/27/10 3:00am

Sengoku Basara, The Licensed Theme Park Attraction

Capcom's Sengoku Basara is popular in Japan. So popular that it has its own theme park attraction at the base of Mount Fuji. How many games can say that? » 7/16/10 7:00am 7/16/10 7:00am