Let's Rock This Pretty Boy Game into Infinity

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Sengoku Basara features prettied-up versions of some tough as nails dead dudes. The game is set against Japan's Warring States period during which Japanese people were beating the shit out of each other. But the game's aren't nearly as horrific (or smelly) as the history. So bring on the rock'n'roll soundtrack.

The newly released Sengoku Basara: Chronicle Heroes for the PSP features a Do As Infinity tune, dubbed "Chikai" (Oath), as the game's theme song.


Do As Infinity was spearheaded by guitarist and composer Dai Nagao, who's also worked on an array of smash hits for artists like Ayumi Hamasaki and Hitomi. During this period, the group would release tracks like "Fukai Mori" (Deep Forest), the ending theme for the InuYasha.

What continues to make Do As Infinity relevant, especially as this pop-heavy decade grinds on, is that the group is a carry over of the late 1990s. Not to say the band's sound hasn't progressed (it has), but there was a rash of guitar groups during the late 20th century, fronted by women, who were more cool than cute.


Japanese pop music is increasingly dominated by singing-and-dancing idols (homegrown or from Korea), which is fine. However, this does make groups like Do As Infinity stand out more. At the turn of the century, Do As Infinity's cross over was huge, with the group playing at the legendary Velfarre club in Roppongi


Nagao's since left Do As Infinity, leaving the group's singer Tomiko Van and guitarist Ryo Owatari. During an intern while the group broke up after Nagao's departure, one of Tomiko Van's solo tracks, "Brave", appeared as the ending tune for Sengoku Basara 2.

Losing Nagao was a blow—the man is a Jpop genius. But the group's latest effort, "Chikai", is one of their best tunes in years. Check out some of their other big tunes in the gallery above, including "Chikai".


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