Capcom Making Two New Sengoku Basara Games. Both Are...Eh...

Illustration for article titled Capcom Making Two New emSengoku Basara/em Games. Both Are...Eh...
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Hey, you like Sengoku Basara? You know, those samurai games Capcom makes that are wildly popular in Japan and aren't exactly historically accurate? Well, good news. And bad news.


The good news? Capcom is making two new Sengoku Basara games. The bad news? They are a card-based mobile phone game and a browser game. Oh. In the card game, you try to assemble the deck with the strongest warlords. In the browser game, you cooperate with other players to enlarge your domain.


The browser game is dated for this summer, while the phone game is "coming shortly".

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I hear the Sengoku Basara anime is pretty good, can anyone speak to this? I am pretty picky with my anime, and don't have a whole 'lot of time to sit down and watch a new series but the art style and subject certainly piqued my interest.