There Are Common Threads Of "Fun" In Japan, American And Europe

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Hiroyuki Kobayashi, designer of Sengoku Basara (aka Devil Kings), talks East vs. West. Via 1Up.


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I'm a westerner. I hate almost everything modern western media stands for. I hate medical and crime dramas. I had modern US vs Russia/Arabic story lines. I hate pop music. I hate slutty pop idols and the fact that we dress our 7 year olds up to look like trashy 18 year olds. I hate overly aggressive and macho jock lie characters who are submissive and obedient solders who never question the morality of their actions and shout YAAAAHOOOOOO when they bomb a city. I hate how everything has to bee though the lenses of Christian morality and how you can never EVER question it. I hate how shallow our characters have become and how marketing drives media more than stories and imagination. I hate Twilight. I hate seeing antidepressant commercials when I watch sponge bob. I hate how the majority of characters in western stories are all bipolar or paranoid and how we've turned suspense and melodrama into a means to stretch a 30 minute episode into a 40 minute episode with 20 minutes worth of commercials for pills, cars and fast food.

I love eastern ideology and narratives. I love anime. I love deep and fulfilling story lines that question morality. I love stories that spark introspective thought or make a statement. I love giant robot combat. I love super powerful martial artists fight each other. I love me some Kamehameha. I love young characters who are thrown into situation that force them to mature rapidly to survive or make sense of things. I love alternate histories or alternate earths that make a story make more sense. I love school girls. I love JRPGs.

I'm an American and I've been given the opportunity to like what I want to like. Rather than choosing all of the mediocre crap I've been strongly suggested to like, I choose anime and JRPGs. Because of this I'm branded as strange or just plan wrong or dumb. I opinions are simply wrong and I like bad cartoons and stupid RPGs. This is the path I've chosen to walk and I'm happy with it. The way I see it, I'm not a bad westerner, I'm just a miss placed easterner and you're all piss poor westerner. What ever, it's all relative I guess.