Legs Spread, Are You Ready for this Sengoku Basara Mousepad? Are You?

Illustration for article titled Legs Spread, Are You Ready for this emSengoku Basara/em Mousepad? Are You?
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Since around 2005 or 2006, "boob" mousepads have enjoyed a degree of popularity with male gamers. But not all gamers are dudes, and not all dudes like boobs. Hence, this.

This Masamune Date mouse pad is a fan-made creation, produced by doujin circle Waradoko and released last month. Date, real-life historical figure, appears in Capcom's handsome samurai series Sengoku Basara.

The games are popular with female players. Capcom's already licensed out a theme park attraction, a stage play, and apple juice in hopes of capitalizing on the sexy samurai—who really weren't all that sexy!


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Woah! Not what I was expecting to headline the front page. Seriously that probably warrants an NSFW or even a Kotaku fish.