Patrick Stewart Predicts Humanity's Future

Patrick Stewart's been busy. Starring in movies like X-Men? Check. Broadway? Sure, why not. Palling around the planet with perennial BFF Ian McKellen? Absolutely. But once upon a time he was Star Trek: The Next Generation's Captain Jean-Luc Picard, a role that's become all the more relevant with lines beginning to… »4/29/14 9:10pm4/29/14 9:10pm

Can Galactic Empires Exist Without Faster-Than-Light Travel?


My newest science fiction novel, Lockstep, was recently serialized in Analog magazine. Reactions have been pretty favourable — except that I've managed to offend a small but vocal group of readers. They're outraged that I've written an SF story in which faster than light travel is impossible. »3/31/14 8:09pm3/31/14 8:09pm

Scientists Discover the Mass Effect! Or Is it Just the Higgs Boson?

There is, to be sure, a vast gulf between science and science fiction. The former relies on provable observations about the physical world that is. It quantifies, measures, and predicts the ways that the systems that govern our universe behave. The latter is anything that anybody feels like making up, whether or not… »7/06/12 1:00pm7/06/12 1:00pm