Stephen Colbert's 'Government Shutdown Game' Is Appropriately Unfair

Usually, comparisons to games are kind of flippant—which is probably why both Republicans and Democrats alike say the government shutdown is not a game. But if it was? According to Stephen Colbert, it would be called Not A Game: The Government Shutdown Home Game. The rules would be… interesting. »10/08/13 7:15pm10/08/13 7:15pm

Unofficial Superman Game Skewers Man of Steel’s Overblown Destruction

Kyle Baker’s no idiot. The iconic comics and animation artist knows that he can’t call the characters in Mass Murderer of Steel Superman and General Zod. But the fighting super-powered dudes in his quickie browser game are totally based on the brawling Kryptonians in Warner Bros.’ new Man of Steel movie. How can you… »6/25/13 12:30pm6/25/13 12:30pm

If You Can't See Man of Steel Tonight, Here's the Budget Version

For comic-book movies, the bigger the budget, the bigger the expectations, the bigger the letdown. Table 8 Productions, makers of "Iron Man 3 on a Budget," and "The Avengers on a Budget," know the key to exceeding expectations is to kill all hope of them in the womb. Thus this trailer for "Man of Steel" on a Budget. »6/14/13 7:00am6/14/13 7:00am

In the popular consciousness, "Tecmo Bowl" usually means the 1989 NES port, if not 1991's

In the popular consciousness, "Tecmo Bowl" usually means the 1989 NES port, if not 1991's Tecmo Super Bowl. Today, The Onion, satirizing White House sports photo ops, shows off its gamer cred by going back to the game's original arcade version, which featured only the "Bulldogs" and "Wildcats"—coached by BOB and ASS. »5/28/13 7:30pm5/28/13 7:30pm

Watergate: The Game: What a Long, Strange National Nightmare It's Been

I'm about as old as Watergate and it has had a constant and vaguely Oedipal influence on me. Dad was a newsman; I'm a newsman. Dad hates Nixon; I hate Nixon. Newsmen took down a president; my Dad's badder than the president. So I came to Watergate: The Game confident I could win with solid knowledge of the scandal. »5/06/13 5:30pm5/06/13 5:30pm

They Patrol Our Streets In Search For The Notorious Not-A-Game: It's Your Friendly Neighborhood Game Police

Some people act as if gaming as we know it is in danger, and all of these new experimental titles—Proteus, Dear Esther, Dys4ria, Twine games, amongst others—are to blame. Usually, it's what people designate as 'art games.' Sometimes, if you're in the middle of a "but is it a game" discussion, you can almost imagine a… »1/31/13 8:00pm1/31/13 8:00pm

Flash Version of Mega Man Xover is a Withering Rebuke, From the Series' Biggest Fans

The Rockman/Mega Man franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary in December, and I can't imagine a cheerful observance is coming for the hardcore fans of one of video gaming's cornerstone franchises. They've been upset ever since last year's heavy-handed cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 for the 3DS, a game which had… »10/14/12 11:00am10/14/12 11:00am

In the Background of Video Games' Exclusive Deals, There's More Than Meets The Eye

They are the heroes of our childhoods. The glory of their times. Their video game comes out later this month. For the entirety of the current console generation, just one mega-publisher has solely controlled the exclusive right to immortalize their triumphs. It's a deal that has reaped gobs of cash, and the latest… »8/17/12 9:15pm8/17/12 9:15pm