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Tropes vs. Men In Video Games

That fedora. So good.

This satirical send-up of "Men's Rights" activists (starring funny video-maker and Mega-64 collaborator Frank Howley) makes a number of valuable points about the gender divide in gaming. Also it's hilarious.


Worth noting: there are certainly valid critiques to be made about Anita Sarkeesian's "Tropes vs. Women In Video Games" series—and Kotaku boss Stephen Totilo is planning to give that criticism some serious attention in the future. This video addresses a totally different subject—and it's worth watching accordingly.

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It'd be nice if people didn't start criticizing Sarkeesian here. I'm sure they will, but... it would be nice. Not to say she doesn't deserve criticism, just that I'm tired of seeing a bunch of petty white knights show up to discount everything anyone says against her, especially stuff that's actually valid.

Poor, poor fedora.