Here’s a Naked, Fan-Made Saints Row The Third Edition of So You Think You Can Dance?

It's tough to top anything that's already in a game as aggressively juvenile and over-the-top as Saints Row the Third, a game that marketed itself with giant dildo weapons. But somehow YouTuber XBLStallion83's done exactly that with this hilarious video that stitches the game's taunt moves into a dance marathon.… »12/05/11 4:40pm12/05/11 4:40pm

Watch One of Saints Row: The Third's Most Out-There Gags

This week, I've been sharing a few short videos to give a sense of what Saints Row: The Third is all about. We've seen a chaotic way to start your day, how to customize your radio stations, and how fun the character creator is, especially with The Zombie Option. For the last video of the week, I wanted to show… »11/17/11 10:00pm11/17/11 10:00pm