THQ Maintains It Knows Exactly Where All Its Dildos Are

THQ denies reports that they have mislaid 25 four-foot purple dildos destined for the Netherlands and France as part of a promotion for their open world, tongue-in-cheek video game Saints Row: The Third.

Inside Gamer PC , citing several sources, first reported on rumors of a pallet of the three-pound sex toys, each affixed to a wooden pole, going missing somewhere between England and France. The toys are replicas of a weapon, called the Penetrator, used in the Mature-rated game.


It's likely that the weaponized sex toys were destined to be sent to the homes of game reviewers. One such item showed up on my doorstep earlier this week, much to my surprise.

Reached for comment today, THQ officials told Kotaku they have a firm handle on the location of all of their over-sized dildos.


Dildo's voor promotie Saints Row: The Third zoekgeraakt

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