Pimps, Gimps, Outer Space Combat and… Burt Reynolds? Must Be a Saints Row the Third Trailer

At some point, describing a new trailer for Saints Row the Third is just going to devolve into a list of the various ridiculous things that it shows. Hmm, actually, I actually believe that point in time is upon us. In this trailer we have:

A blow-Up doll, a guy in a cape with a samurai sword, a squadron of space-marines standing on what looks like Mars (with a glimpse of a dimensional (or maybe stage) door in the background), a guy in a gimp suit doing a flying takedown, a pimp on a large pile of (hopefully) sleeping prostitutes, an exploding radioactive ATV, a guy throwing an explosive fart-in-a-jar, a woman killing people with a giant purple dildo, an A-10 Tank Killer, a zombie attack, and… Burt Reynolds.


Yes, apparently Bandit himself is going to make an appearance in the game, and he's even wearing his trademark cowboy hat. I guess it'd be too much to hope for Sally Field to do a bit-part as his wife…

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