Crazy Expectations of a Console That Didn't Deserve Its Third Chance to Fail

If you never saw Crazy People, a 1990 film starring Dudley Moore, I highly recommend it. Basically, an advertising agency is taken over by the insane, who decide that honesty—the anathema of marketing—is now the best policy. Volvos are sold as "boxy, but they're good." Another stunt offers "a free plant for fat… »10/05/12 8:00pm10/05/12 8:00pm


Sam's Club Will Swap RRoD'd 360s, Refund Difference if Necessary

Keep this in mind if you're console-shopping on Black Friday. Via Consumerist comes word that Sam's Club, dealt with courteously and calmly, replaced a red-ring-of-death Xbox 360 with a working unit, let the poor guy keep his hard drive so he didn't lose his games and gamesaves, and, since all they had were cheaper… »11/22/08 1:00pm11/22/08 1:00pm