Robert Downey Jr.'s In Captain America 3. And It's to Start Civil War

We may finally know what Robert Downey Jr. was talking about when he said that there he was working on a deal with Marvel to do something that wasn't Iron Man 4. According to Variety, Downey's in the final stages of negotiations that'll bring Tony Stark in to Captain America 3 and begin the movies' take on Civil War. » 10/13/14 9:00pm 10/13/14 9:00pm

Iron Man 3: The Fall (and Rise) of Tony Stark

The first Iron Man movie uses Tony Stark as a metaphor for American power, with Tony's near-lethal chest wound signifying his remorse at spreading weapons around Afghanistan. The brilliant Iron Man 3 makes this connection even more explicit, giving us an elaborate fable of post-9/11 America and a paranoid-but-cocky‚Ķ » 5/03/13 9:27am 5/03/13 9:27am

We unmask Comic Con's biggest celebrities who walk the floor incognito

Every year some big-name geek icon roams the Comic Con floor, cunningly disguised by a mask. But who are they? And what masks are they wearing? We've compiled a list of celebrity maskers so you won't be fooled again. » 7/22/10 9:41am 7/22/10 9:41am