Saints Row Team & 'High-Powered Creative' Working On New RPG

Volition, the studio behind Saints Row and Red Faction Armageddon, is entering a new space. The Illinois-based developer is currently collaborating on a "new action role-playing game" with "a high-powered creative talent in the entertainment industry." Who could that be? » 8/11/10 8:00pm 8/11/10 8:00pm

Free Copies Of Red Faction For Every* Darksiders Owner

Even if Darksiders owners didn't have that special "mystery" coupon that was previously required to secure a free copy of Red Faction Guerrilla, they can still snag a complementary copy of THQ's Martian shooter. There is, of course, an asterisk. » 2/18/10 4:40pm 2/18/10 4:40pm