Saints Row Team & 'High-Powered Creative' Working On New RPG

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Volition, the studio behind Saints Row and Red Faction Armageddon, is entering a new space. The Illinois-based developer is currently collaborating on a "new action role-playing game" with "a high-powered creative talent in the entertainment industry." Who could that be?

If previous reports are right, it might be Mexican director Guillermo del Toro. He's helmed films like Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth and The Devil's Backbone. The LA Times recently named del Toro as part of a deal with publisher THQ, after the director told MTV Multiplayer he was getting into video games.


Volition laid out its plans to create an original, unannounced franchise in a fresh job listing, spotted by 1UP. Here's the open position's description: "Volition is searching for a Design Director for a new action role-playing game. We are collaborating with a high-powered creative talent in the entertainment industry to develop this original, unannounced franchise."

Del Toro told MTV the deal would be officially announced "in the next few weeks." Given the movie director's discriminating taste in games, it's an announcement looking forward to.

Volition Working on New Action-RPG Franchise [1UP]

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I really wish there was a game loosely based around Pan's Labyrinth. I initially had to watch the film twice, because the first time I watched it, I just kept imagining all the ways it could transition into a fantastic videogame (traveling between the two realms. Acquiring items from the Underworld to be used in tandem with the real world and vice versa). My mind just ran wild with the idea. Also one of my favorite films of all time. It's a masterpiece. Highly recommended that all of you go see it if you haven't already (apologizes for being slightly off topic to the article's content).