Red Faction's Made For TV Movie May Spawn A Series

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THQ's plans for a Red Faction movie may be just the beginning for the Martian sci-fi smash 'em up. The SyFy network-produced made for TV movie may eventually become its own ongoing series.


NBC Universal cable network Syfy is planning a "major expansion of its Syfy Games unit" this year, writes Broadcasting & Cable, which includes more than just the De Blob animated series and Red Faction movie. SyFy is hoping its "big Syfy Saturday movie" turns out to be a "great back-door pilot."

Meaning, the Red Faction's two-hour-long pilot begets a fully-fledged series, similar in style to the science fiction network's Battlestar Galactica, which started life as a mini-series.

Broadcasting & Cable says the deal between THQ and SyFy goes even further, with the SyFy Games division helping to produce "the next iteration of the Red Faction video-game series" and WWE Smackdown, to which THQ holds video game rights, going to SyFy in the fall.

How many of you one-million-strong Red Faction fans are excited?

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