Rayman Legends Totally Looks Likes It’ll Be Worth the Wait

Yes, everyone was mad when Ubisoft delayed Rayman Legends to port it over to other platforms. However, the bright side of the shift is apparent when you watch the video above. The signature cartoony look, slapstick humor and charming animation will be on more than just one console when the game comes out. All is… » 6/10/13 6:39pm 6/10/13 6:39pm

Rayman Legends' Online Challenge Mode will be Released Free on Wii U in…

Acknowledging the profound disappointment at the delay of Rayman Legends release on the Wii U—a holdup that seems to have no other reason than to wait for the Xbox 360 and PS3 editions to launch this fall—Ubisoft Montréal has decided to release the game's Online Challenges mode early, for free, to all Wii U users. The… » 2/19/13 8:13am 2/19/13 8:13am

Rayman Legends No Longer a Wii U Exclusive; PS3 and Xbox 360 Versions…

There's good news and bad news, Rayman fans. First, the bad news: Rayman Legends—the follow-up to the fun, much-praised Rayman Origins—has been delayed until this September, about six months after its original February 26th release date. The good news is that PS3 and Xbox 360 owners will also be getting their own… » 2/07/13 11:40am 2/07/13 11:40am

Wii U's Winter Gets A Little Brighter: Rayman Legends Out February 26th

With a "launch window" that appears to be of the floor-to-ceiling variety, there have been questions about when some Wii U titles would actually see the light of day. For one of the most anticipated titles, the wait for knowing how long you have to wait is over: Ubisoft's gorgeous platformer Rayman Legends will be… » 12/07/12 2:00pm 12/07/12 2:00pm