Fan Game Will Let You Bring Horrible Pokémon Fusions To Life

Mashing together unlikely pairings results in hilarious Pokémon—that’s exactly why Alex Onsager’s fusion website, which lets people create Frankenstein Pokémon with a few easy clicks, blew up the internet a while back. I have a feeling fusions are about to make a comeback in 2015, though—and it’s all thanks to a cool… »9/14/15 7:30pm9/14/15 7:30pm

Pokémon Go Could Be Amazing (And Maybe A Bit Dangerous)

The words “alternate reality game” were the last thing some hardcore Pokémon fans wanted to hear last night. I understand why. It’s a spin-off. It’s on mobile. You can’t play from the comfort of your own home. And yet! Pokémon Go could be the shot in the arm that the monster-collecting series needs. »9/10/15 4:00pm9/10/15 4:00pm