Massive Pirate LEGO Build Is Full Of Secrets

It wouldn't be a proper pirate LEGO without secret passages and long-lost treasure. Kinggregus' giant, pirate-themed build has it all, well-hidden in a massive fort. » 3/24/15 9:20am 3/24/15 9:20am

You'll Have To Think Like A Pirate To Solve This Week's Puzzle

Pirates, of course, are notoriously greedy – but they're also incredibly shrewd. And don't forget, they'll kill you, if given the chance. » 2/01/15 5:44pm 2/01/15 5:44pm

Huge LEGO Pirate Island Even Has A Functioning Waterfall

Two talented LEGO builders, Eli Willsea and Grant Davis built a a pirate-themed island for this year's BrickCon and they didn't mess around. It's a gigantic build with old ruins, secret coves treasure and a brilliant working waterfall that flows with tiny bricks. » 11/03/14 8:30am 11/03/14 8:30am

The Pirate Bay (Domain) Flees To A Volcanic Island

Torrent trackers The Pirate Bay have had the authorities tightening the noose around their operations for years now, but this week things have taken a twist for the absurd/awesome. » 12/10/13 10:30pm 12/10/13 10:30pm

Ubisoft Survey Ponders An Assassin's Creed-Free Pirate Franchise…

Now that Ubisoft has made not one but two pirate-themed games in the Assassin's Creed universe, a survey being sent out to fans (and through them to IGN) wonders if players wouldn't just be fine with a straight-up pirate game. » 12/06/13 1:00pm 12/06/13 1:00pm

Downloading the "GTA V PC Torrent" is 18GB Worth of Bad Ideas

About the only thing I can see that's wrong with this diabolical plot is the fact suckers have to download an 18GB torrent before the malware is unleashed. Otherwise, there's a bogus torrent of Grand Theft Auto V's nonexistent PC version that's claimed several victims of late. » 10/22/13 9:40am 10/22/13 9:40am

Assassin's Creed's New Protagonist Sure Looks Like This Porn Star

At first glance, Edward Kenway—the protagonist of the upcoming Assassin's Creed IV game—looks like your typical leading dude. Stoic, beefy, masculine. Nothing special, right? » 3/08/13 2:00am 3/08/13 2:00am

The Most Interesting Pirate-Themed Levels And Areas

It's not that hard to find great pirate-themed video game zones and levels. Gigantic ships, pirate hideouts on mysterious islands (or in space), full of treasure, topped with a Caribbean atmosphere; an ever-returning element of video games that will always be a pleasure to the eye. We've collected some of the most… » 1/25/13 6:30pm 1/25/13 6:30pm

The NES Fighting Game That Featured Sonic, Mario, Ryu and Goku

I've talked about classic fighting game World Heroes here on Total Recall before » 9/05/12 1:30am 9/05/12 1:30am because it's . But this, this is something else entirely.

How The Piracy Debate Is Like The Emperor's New Clothes

It takes an (admittedly self-serving) quote from an online retailer to say what every other industry executive must surely be thinking, but can never dare to say out loud. » 4/13/11 6:20am 4/13/11 6:20am

This Might Be The Best Pirate Trap We've Ever Seen

Garry Newman, the creator of the Garry's Mod mod/machinima toolkit for the PC, just sprung one of the best pirate traps in recent memory, tricking those who did not pay for his product into essentially giving themselves up. » 4/13/11 1:30am 4/13/11 1:30am

Kiss Your Copying Software Goodbye, Japan!

Under current Japanese, it is illegal to upload or sell pirated games and movies. It is legal to copy for one's own personal use. Better get all your personal copying done pronto, because that's going to get harder. » 12/06/10 4:00am 12/06/10 4:00am

The Next Pirates Of The Caribbean Game Will Be LEGO-ized

Following in the footsteps of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter, Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean is the next film franchise to get the LEGO treatment from TT Games. » 11/18/10 11:20am 11/18/10 11:20am

Piracy Prevents Super Street Fighter IV PC

In an interview with Japanese website 4gamer, Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono says that a strong potential for piracy is keeping PC gamers from getting their own version of Super Street Fighter IV. » 9/22/10 11:40am 9/22/10 11:40am

Pirates, Ninjas, And Homicidal Teddy Bears

Pirates lay siege to the Island of Perfection in the upcoming Chapter 9 downloadable content for 505 Games' killer plushie simulator Naughty Bear. And so the circle is complete. » 9/08/10 11:20am 9/08/10 11:20am

Microsoft Is Ready To Ban Halo: Reach Pirates

As leaked copies of Halo: Reach hit the torrent sites, Microsoft tells Kotaku that they are aggressively investigating the leak and are fully prepared to hand out bans to anyone caught playing the game pre-release. » 8/24/10 2:00pm 8/24/10 2:00pm

Avast! A Monkey Island Pirate Paradise For PlayStation Home

LucasArts celebrates the summer release of The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition on the PlayStation 3 with enough virtual goods to recreate the game yourself in PlayStation Home. » 4/15/10 4:30pm 4/15/10 4:30pm