Sunday Funnies: 360 Origins, Console Reviews, Storage is Gangsta

Here's another roundup of multimedia laffs culled from the Interwebs. I make no representations of the freshness/expiration/ enjoy-by dates of any of this, only that I consider it gaming germane, and, at minimum, grimace-inducing.

First up, a 4chan MS paint rage-meme cartoon figures out the origin of the Xbox… »12/28/08 4:00pm12/28/08 4:00pm

Games as Simulators Jack Thompson Hasn't Even Thought Of Yet

Running with the "[game] is nothing more than a [really bad act]-simulator for kids," SomethingAwful's Forum Goons came up with about 21 real-world skill simulator concepts, as an alternative to shootin', murderin' and killin'. The entries range from the mundane to the raunchy (as most things do on SA). See! Dr. Mario… »10/25/08 9:00pm10/25/08 9:00pm