Gamer Girlfriend Makes Left 4 Dead Cuddly

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Reader Trevor H. so casually mentions his girlfriend's hobby - making plush toys "for every wicked Valve game that comes out" - that this almost sounds too good to be true.


Still, there's a huggable, wuvable Smoker all ready to be tucked in and constrict your sweet dreams. Trevor's squeeze also made a plush headcrab. Someone should have told her Valve has already done that.

Big props from Kotaku to you, Ms. Trevor's Girlfriend! But you know what this means - now we need Bill, Zoey, Louis and Francis as Cabbage Patch kids.

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One of my cousin's friends does that, she made a Tidus and Yuna for my cousin, a Link,Zelda, and Kirby for herself.

I asked her for a headcrab, with zombie if possible, but she never ended up getting around to it.