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Does Witcher Screen's Nipple Slip Get a Rise Out of Your White Wolf?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here's three new screenshots of Witcher: Rise of the - WAIT A MINUTE, IS THAT BOOBIE?

Before the significant increase in atmospheric oxygen almost all life that existed was anaerobic, that is, the metabolism of life depended on a form of cellular respiration that did not require oxygen. Free oxygen in large amounts is poisonous to most anaerobic bacteria, and at this time most life on Earth vanished. The only life that remained was either resistant to the oxidizing and poisonous effects of oxygen, or spent its life-cycle in an oxygen-free environment. This main event is called the Oxygen Catastrophe. Also the first Grypania fossils and the first Eukaryotes appeared during this time.


Yeah, you aren't reading this. Here are two more screens, sans boobie. What's up with that half-topless look? In or out? Wench, maketh up thy mind!


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