Like Those Resident Evil Movies? Well, Get Ready for a Monster Hunter

Paul W.S. Anderson has made a whole bunch of Resident Evil » 9/11/12 4:20am 9/11/12 4:20am movies. And those movies have made a whole bunch of money. But Anderson doesn't only have eyes for Capcom's survival horror franchise. Apparently, he's keen to bring to the silver screen, too.

Michelle Rodriguez is Right as Rain in Resident Evil: Retribution

The tough-as-nails Rain Ocampo might have met her grisly end in the first Resident Evil flick, but that's nothing a few flashbacks can't fix in next year's Resident Evil: Retribution. » 9/23/11 3:20pm 9/23/11 3:20pm

Game Movie Director's Theory On why Game Movies Stink

Some video game movies are...OK. Most are terrible. Why is that? Allow a guy who makes video game movies for a living (try and) explain. » 8/12/11 4:00am 8/12/11 4:00am

Milla Jovovich Returning to Resident Evil

Actress Milla Jovovich is starring in the fifth RE flick, Resident Evil: Retribution. Paul W.S. Anderson is writing and directing. The film is slated for September 2012 and will take place in Toronto and Tokyo. [Bloody Disgusting] » 8/10/11 8:30am 8/10/11 8:30am

Resident Evil Movie Director Spends Days Watching Other People Play …

How does director Paul W.S. Anderson keep coming up for ideas for new entries in the Resident Evil film franchise? According to his wife, series star Milla Jovovich, "professional video game players" do his research for him. » 5/18/11 12:00pm 5/18/11 12:00pm

You Can't Kill The Resident Evil Movies

The Resident Evil movies are the cinematic equivalent of zombies. Just when you think they're dead, when you won't be subjected to them anymore, they get up and shuffle to your local cineplex. » 3/04/11 4:00am 3/04/11 4:00am

Milla Jovovich Hated All Day Long By Angry Fans

Actress Milla Jovovich starred in all four Resident Evil films. While the movies are based on the games, her character is not. And man, that pisses off some internet nerds. » 1/18/11 4:00am 1/18/11 4:00am

Hollywood, Not Playing Video Games Is So "Disrespectful"

When filmmaker Mike Newell was promoting the Prince of Persia flick, he readily admitted that he didn't play the game. No wonder, says Resident Evil: Afterlife director Paul W.S. Anderson, the movie didn't live up to expectations. » 11/05/10 4:00am 11/05/10 4:00am

They Are "Definitely" Making A Fifth Resident Evil

Resident Evil: Afterlife has had the biggest opening of any of the RE films. Know what that means? They're going to do another one. Oh, yes. They are. » 9/14/10 4:00am 9/14/10 4:00am

Let Milla Jovovich Explain The Resident Evil Film Franchise's Popularity

Love them or hate them, the Resident Evil films make money. The series has taken in over US$378 million worldwide. There must be a reason for this. According to actress Milla Jovovich, there is. » 9/10/10 3:00am 9/10/10 3:00am

Hey, It's Milla Jovovich Landing A Plane In Resident Evil

Milla Jovovich returns this fall as Alice in the latest installment in the Resident Evil film series, Resident Evil: Afterlife. She'll be landing a plane, it seems. Good for her. » 8/26/10 5:00am 8/26/10 5:00am

That Mortal Kombat Trailer? Jeri Ryan Explains

Actress Jeri Ryan of Star Trek: Voyage fame appears as Sonya Blade in a Mortal Kombat trailer dubbed "Mortal Kombat: Rebirth" that popped up online. Is it a game trailer? A movie trailer? Tell us, Jeri, tell us! » 6/09/10 3:00am 6/09/10 3:00am

The Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer With Added (Singing) Commentary

We have already seen the Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer. Let's see it again, but broken down, bit by bit. In song. » 5/18/10 3:00am 5/18/10 3:00am

Resident Evil Movie Director Ready To Develop Games

Paul W.S. Anderson is famous for two things: Being Mr. Milla Jovovich and making movies based on video games. He's now keen to spread his wings and create video games. » 4/22/10 3:00am 4/22/10 3:00am

Capcom Keeps Resident Evil Film Director In The Dark

Paul W.S. Anderson is responsible for bringing Resident Evil to the silver screen. He writes, produces and/or directs the films. You'd think someone like that would have the inside track on the games. Nope. » 4/14/10 4:00am 4/14/10 4:00am

Milla Jovovich All Set (And Totally Wet) In First Resident Evil…

Set photos for the upcoming Resident Evil: Afterlife film have already made their way to the internet. But not production stills of the survival horror film. Until now. » 4/01/10 3:30am 4/01/10 3:30am

Resident Evil Director 'Circling' Castlevania, Metal Gear Movies

Castlevania? Thought that movie project was dead. Apparently not, and apparently Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil, Death Race, Mortal Kombat) is "waiting on a script." Oh, and he'd like to adapt Metal Gear Solid for the silver screen, too. » 11/15/09 2:00pm 11/15/09 2:00pm