That Mortal Kombat Trailer? Jeri Ryan Explains

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Actress Jeri Ryan of Star Trek: Voyage fame appears as Sonya Blade in a Mortal Kombat trailer dubbed "Mortal Kombat: Rebirth" that popped up online. Is it a game trailer? A movie trailer? Tell us, Jeri, tell us!


"Okay, so... Mortal Kombat," she tweets. "It's not a game trailer. Actually was made for the director to sell WB on his vision for a reimagined MK film."

Ryan said she did her role as a favor to a friend. "No idea yet what WB's reaction to it was," she adds. I can tell you what my reaction was: stoked.

While a Mortal Kombat film was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (of Resident Evil movie fame) in 1995, an updated take on the franchise has been languishing in development hell. However, a lawsuit has been filed by the development partner of the original film as it signed a contract in 2006 to do a sequel.

The Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short was helmed by Kevin Tancharoen. He directed last year's Fame remake.


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This is most disconcerting. What I previously praised as an out-of-character positive step for Hollywood has turned out to be nothing more than the equivalent of a fan-made short film.

While the chance for the film to be made with this same level of intensity and unadulterated AWESOMENESS is minutely still possible, the more likely result (assuming the movie is made at all) is that Hollywood will RAPE and WATERBOARD and [Insert Other Horrible Acts] to this concept until we are left with a hollow, lifeless shell of its former self.

...that'll be full of 3D and CGI.