Sega (And THQ?) Planning New OutRun Game

According to a new rating from Australia's Office of Film & Literature Classification board, there may be a new OutRun » 11/17/08 7:40pm 11/17/08 7:40pm game in the works. The OFLC has rated a game titled for a multi-platform release, one published by Sega and, oddly enough, "produced" and "authored" by THQ. The two companies had enjoyed a publishing…

Silent Hill Homecoming Refused Classification In...

...Australia or Germany? Go on, guess! OK, well done, the correct answer is indeed Australia » 9/25/08 11:40pm 9/25/08 11:40pm. Still hamstrung by the South Australian state Attorney-General's refusal to amend the country's classification laws (currently games don't have the R18+ rating movies do, and all state AGs need to agree to change the law),…

Animal Crossing City Folk Given Pointless Australian Renaming

Great, another unnecessary name change for a Nintendo game in Australia! Earlier this year, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin » 9/15/08 3:00am 9/15/08 3:00am was renamed down under (and in Europe), for no reason. Now, is getting the same treatment! The game's listing on the Office of Film & Literature Classification has it titled . Maybe "City Folk"…

Disaster: Day of Crisis Still Exists, Gets Rated In Australia

Oh, hey, Disaster: Day of Crisis » 8/15/08 9:40pm 8/15/08 9:40pm. Man, it's been awhile. We thought you were dead. Fortunately, the Monolith Soft developed action game for the Wii just got an M rating in Australia, so we know it's alive and... well, alive. The Office of Film and Literature Classification lists the game as potentially objectionable…

Revised Fallout 3 Edition Drugs "Justified By Context"

For the rest of the world, Fallout 3's being released as intended. Nothing to worry about. But in Australia, as you're aware by now, the game's had to see some changes, thanks to the Office of Film & Literature Classification's strong stance against in-game drug use (Midway's last Blitz game was refused classification… » 8/12/08 11:20pm 8/12/08 11:20pm

Fallout 3 Cleared For Australian Release [Update]

In its original state, Fallout 3 was deemed no good for the Australian market. Too many drug references for the Australian Office of Film & Literature Classification's liking. But now, well, now it's all good! A revised edition of the game has been cleared for release, and has been classified MA15+ by the OFLC, a… » 8/11/08 8:20am 8/11/08 8:20am

Here's Why Fallout 3 Was "Banned" In Australia

Last night, we heard that Fallout 3 had been refused classification in Australia by the Office of Film & Literature Classification. Which is a lovely, legalese term for "banned". But just what was it about the game that caused the decision? What content was deemed too explicit to be given an MA15+ rating, the highest… » 7/10/08 12:30am 7/10/08 12:30am

Fallout 3 Refused Classification In Australia

And by "refused classification", we really mean banned, since without classification it's illegal for retailers to sell the game in Australia. In an unsurprising move, the Australian Office of Film & Literature Classification have, hands bound once again by Australia's refusal to allow games to be rated R18+, deemed… » 7/09/08 8:20am 7/09/08 8:20am