Animal Crossing City Folk Given Pointless Australian Renaming

Great, another unnecessary name change for a Nintendo game in Australia! Earlier this year, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin »9/15/08 3:00am9/15/08 3:00am was renamed down under (and in Europe), for no reason. Now, is getting the same treatment! The game's listing on the Office of Film & Literature Classification has it titled . Maybe "City Folk"…

Disaster: Day of Crisis Still Exists, Gets Rated In Australia

Oh, hey, Disaster: Day of Crisis »8/15/08 9:40pm8/15/08 9:40pm. Man, it's been awhile. We thought you were dead. Fortunately, the Monolith Soft developed action game for the Wii just got an M rating in Australia, so we know it's alive and... well, alive. The Office of Film and Literature Classification lists the game as potentially objectionable…

Revised Fallout 3 Edition Drugs "Justified By Context"

For the rest of the world, Fallout 3's being released as intended. Nothing to worry about. But in Australia, as you're aware by now, the game's had to see some changes, thanks to the Office of Film & Literature Classification's strong stance against in-game drug use (Midway's last Blitz game was refused classification… »8/12/08 11:20pm8/12/08 11:20pm