Mega Man 9 Rated, Surely Coming

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Yesterday, amongst the usual assortment of motion pictures, reality television programs and comic books the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification usually sift through and classify, one item stood out. It's this one. Says that Mega Man 9, by Capcom, has been given a G rating, and is good to go for a local release. Mega Man 9? Never heard of it. Must be real/coming, though, because last I checked the OFLC don't review and classify rumours. If it's not at E3 next month you can join me in being deeply shocked.


[via Evil Avatar]

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As a Megaman fan, I'm excited about this "rumor." But, I'm also a bit disappointed. Classic MM has been dormant for years now. 8 came out on the Playstation. ONE. If there will be a MM9, all kinds of questions are raised. What console will it be for? Will it be classic 2d sprite based like previous classic games? A 3d adventure game like Legends? Or a 2d platformer with 3d character models like Maverick Hunter X for PSP? My mind reels from the possibilities.

One thing I'm certain about though: if I don't get a ZX3 after the cliffhanger in ZXA, heads will roll Capcom. Amaterasu's brush will paint the streets red with the crimson paint of innocents.