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For Some Reason, Australia Is Getting An Uncut GTA IV On PC

Illustration for article titled For Some Reason, Australia Is Getting An Uncut GTA IV On PC

In perhaps the most glaring example of the OFLC's utter disregard for consistency, Grand Theft Auto IV will be released in Australia on PC completely uncut. Even though the console versions were cut, cut, cut.


According to Rockstar, the Aussie PC version "is unedited in any way and identical in content to the international version". Why the Office of Film & Literature Classification thinks it's OK to let people bang hookers on a PC but not a console is anyone's guess.


On the bright side, if the OFLC is letting an unedited PC version into the country, it may mean Rockstar can start shipping in unedited console versions as well. Not that you'd care, since the cuts were minimal and you've all finished the game by now, but progress is progress, regardless of how late it's made.

Uncut GTAIV PC coming to Australia [GameSpot]

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You can bang hookers in GTA4? My aussie PS3 copy won;t let me do that.