According to a new rating from Australia's Office of Film & Literature Classification board, there may be a new OutRun game in the works. The OFLC has rated a game titled OutRun Online Arcade for a multi-platform release, one published by Sega and, oddly enough, "produced" and "authored" by THQ. The two companies had enjoyed a publishing agreement on Game Boy Advance titles in the past, but development duties on the OutRun series has largely been handled by internal Sega teams and UK-based indie studio Sumo Digital. The last entry, OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast, hit the PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox and Windows PCs. Whatever OutRun Online Arcade is โ€” we see no mention of it in our web snooping โ€” we hope it showers us with magical sound. OutRun Online Arcade [OFLC]