There's No Shame In Liking A Game For Your Own Reasons (No Matter How…

This weekend, I came upon a curious conversation: a stranger telling a friend of mine if they wanted to play Fire Emblem: Awakening for the "throwaway romantic skits," that they were doing it wrong. And all I could think was: those "throwaway" skits are the only reason I care about that game! » 2/18/13 9:00pm 2/18/13 9:00pm

Ni no Kuni's Jump Is Both Useless And Amazing

When playing video games, it's easy to get caught up in the notion of utility. Is this ability useful to me, does this skill make my character more powerful, will it improve the ratio of my numbers to my opponents' numbers, robot, robot, numbers, beep, boop, etc. » 2/01/13 7:30pm 2/01/13 7:30pm

Ni no Kuni: The Kotaku Review

It would be easy, while reviewing Ni no Kuni, to sit at my desk and fling adjectives on the page like a fantasy novelist. I'd call the game whimsical, charming, beautiful, fascinating, smart, pleasant, challenging, slow-paced, grand, surreal, and aggressively colorful. » 2/01/13 9:00am 2/01/13 9:00am

Gather Round For One Of Ni no Kuni's Lovely Fairy Tales

The splendid new role-playing game Ni no Kuni is, in many ways, a game about stories. It's a fairy tale of the purest sort, full of morals and messages, overflowing with heart. So it's fitting that within the game lies a book filled with richly-drawn fairy tales. » 1/30/13 5:30pm 1/30/13 5:30pm

One Simple Ni no Kuni Tip To Help You Catch 'Em All

I'm a sucker for sidequests in Ni no Kuni. I blame the stamps. In the game, each time you do a sidequest, you get a number of "merit stamps" on your stamp-card, and if you fill out a card, you can trade it in for power-ups. The tougher the sidequest, the more stamps you get. » 1/29/13 4:30pm 1/29/13 4:30pm

Ni no Kuni Makers Respond To Wizard's Edition Fiasco, Debunk Conspiracy …

Fans were not pleased this week when they learned that their orders of Ni no Kuni Wizard's Edition were cancelled due to stock shortage. Some were puzzled as to why an eBay merchant, Play Canada, was able to get hundreds of copies of the game; many postulated that there was something sketchy going on. » 1/25/13 7:15pm 1/25/13 7:15pm