How Nintendo Made The NES (And Why They Gave It A Gun)

Video game history could’ve gone a totally different way if Nintendo’s corporate headquarters were somewhere else. “If Nintendo wasn’t located in Kyoto, I wouldn’t have been there,” the man who lead the design of the Nintendo Entertainment System said last night. Good thing Masayuki Uemura’s parents never relocated to… »10/16/15 6:00pm10/16/15 6:00pm

The Top 80s Video Games Analyzed (By Someone Who Wasn't There) Part 1

Welcome again to the 1980s, an era of great political and cultural change and importantly for us, changes in the entertainment we played and watched. But does any of this media that people have great nostalgia for hold up to someone who wasn’t there? Last time we judged the animation, this time we judge the games. »9/09/15 7:00am9/09/15 7:00am

Nintendo-Inspired "Bolts Of Steel" 3-D Projection Game Is Outstanding

For the past few playoff games at Amalie Arena, the Tampa Bay Lightning have used their now-ubiquitous 3-D ice projection system to display a simulation of the classic Nintendo Blades of Steel game onto the playing surface—using the actual goals and everything. It’s the best usage of the technology we’ve seen so far: »5/28/15 11:00am5/28/15 11:00am