10 Examples of Comics Art So Good, They Don't Need Words to Tell a Story


Comics are a visual medium—but most comics still rely heavily on narration and dialogue. Once in a while, though, a series, a single issue, or even one great scene in a comic will forgo text, or keep it at a minimum, to tell a gorgeous story with just images. Here are 10 pieces of comic art that don’t need words to… »8/03/15 1:55pm8/03/15 1:55pm


Marvel Heroes Readies $130 Worth Of Heroes And Villains For 2014

Earlier this year, Marvel Heroes gave unto the players of its free-to-play MMO the ability to purchase and play as Squirrel Girl. In 2014, along with the likes of Juggernaut, Magneto, Dr. Strange and Venom, Marvel Heroes adds Moon Knight as a playable character. If that's not worth spending $130 on an "Advance Pack",… »12/17/13 5:13pm12/17/13 5:13pm

A Moon Knight Pinball Table? I'm Mailing Zen Studios My Babies

A year and a month ago I sat in a hotel room in Anaheim, California, telling the folks from Zen Studios how much their Marvel Pinball series for Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network needed a healthy dose of the fist of Khonshu. I don't recall making a pact for my firstborn, but if I did I'll totally honor it. »11/10/11 12:20pm11/10/11 12:20pm